We Keep It Real.

You Stay Relevant.

Elevate Your Brand With Copywriting That Connects and Converts Today.

With a combined 20 years of training and writing experience in sales, branding and direct-response marketing — we’re your go-to team for writing high-converting sales copy, creating brand buzz, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

We’ve proudly supported some of the hottest brands in personal growth and spirituality — including Mindvalley, Numerologist.com, The Shift Network, Shopify, and Evolving Wisdom.

The Copy Posse was born out of a passion for crafting compelling copy that combines the power of relatable storytelling with proven marketing principles. We believe that sales and relationship-building are not mutually exclusive. Weaving authenticity and empathy into your copy will create invaluable connection, engagement, and serious conversion.

Consider us a rare hybrid of writers who get the science of sales and the art of creating emotional resonance.

And we’re no shady ladies. We’re here to debunk all the practices that have given our industry a bad rap.

We hate hype and impersonal copy that will turn your customers off…

We’ll never sacrifice brand longevity for a quickie conversion…

And we don’t use standard “one-size-fits-all” templates for the sake of automating our creative process.

Your brand is unique, and your messaging should be too. When you work with the Copy Posse, you can trust you’re getting one-of-a-kind copywriting that’s written from scratch for you.

Copywriting is our superpower and creating positive impact is our modus operandi. If your business creates more love, transformation, and acceptance in the world — we want to help you optimize, amplify, and grow your brand.

What We Can Write For You

The Posse Philosophy

we’re emotional!

Proven formulas, effective templates, and optimization tactics? We’re all about em, and we (rarely) mess with what works. But, before we sprinkle in the sales juju, we start with what matters most. Our copywriting process is rooted in real human connection, empathy, and authenticity.

A memorable brand is not built with automated copy.

Crafting a compelling brand voice requires passion, personalization and personality. We believe that by providing your customers with a unique and personal buying experience, you create trust, build credibility and inspire transformation. So hell yeah, we’re emotional and proud of it!

Who We Vibe With

Let’s go all the way

We’re for humanity champions, change makers, and wellness warriors. We’re for businesses that empower, communities that include, and leaders that inspire.

But a good working relationship is not only determined by aligned missions. It’s also about understanding the value that we bring to each other. We’re not here to swipe right, hook up and then ghost…

So what do you say? Let’s go all the way…

Our goal is to become your go-to copywriters and an extension of your marketing team. Although we pride ourselves on long-term partnerships, that doesn’t mean we want to jump into bed straight away. When you decide to work with us, we’ll start with a project to get to know each other first. Hopefully, we’re a match made in heaven.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re Obsessed With You

Ok, we know how that sounds. It’s not exactly what you want to hear from a bunch of women online.

But we mean it. We know what your brand means to you and we’ll do whatever it takes to deeply understand what you’re all about so we can amplify your voice… without changing who you are. You have a mission, we’ll take care of the messaging.

Times are changing — gone are the days of fleeting offers, faceless brands, and impersonal marketing strategies. Audiences are getting more and more savvy, skeptical, and intolerant of bullshit. They demand transparency, consistency, and engagement upfront.

We get it. That’s why we take the time to master your voice so you can continue to build a brand that is authentic, that stands out, and that lasts.

“I was just blown away by the entire experience… They’re phenomenal!”

I was building a personal brand and was just so stuck. I have worked with a ton of copywriters and marketers, and could never seem to find the right person… until I brought Alex and the Copy Posse on.

I was just blown away by the entire experience. They did an incredible job… they make the process so seamless, and really help you every single step of the way. So if you’re thinking about working with them, I would say absolutely do it, do not wait, don’t look any further, just hire them! Cause they’re phenomenal. 

Connor Beaton

– Founder of ManTalks

Our Non-Negotiables


Call us old fashioned, but we strive to be women of our word. And whenever we can, we love to underpromise and overdeliver 😉


To us, writing in itself is an act of empathy, which ignites compassion and fuels action. We’ll take the time to get to know you so we can write for you, from the heart.
Now that’s magic.


We believe in shameless transparency. While we’re sweet, we’ll never sugar coat it. We promise to always be straight up and fiercely real with you.


If you’re as passionate as we are, you’ll agree that business is personal. We’re in this because we love this. And if we’re not having fun together, it’s not worth it!

If you’re looking to craft a strong brand story, create creative and authentic marketing campaigns, or build an engaging high-converting sales funnel — we’re the Copy Posse for you.

We are a small and agile team of copywriters who are fiercely committed to all of our clients, which is why we’re selective about who we work with! We stand with brands who live and breathe by the same values we have and want to make a massive impact.

If you feel like you’d be a great fit for the Copy Posse, please contact us below and we’ll be in touch.